See with New Eyes

Fall has arrived. Harvest is just beginning and the roadsides and prairies are ablaze with wild flowers. I’d like to invite you to slow down just enough to see the crops and flowers anew and ponder their meaning.

Photo by Rhonda Pritchard

Jesus urged us to look at the flowers of the field and to see the glory with which God clothes the grass. I couldn’t help thinking of his words as I marveled at the abundance of wild flowers we have this fall. To the bright yellows of myriads of goldenrod and corn flowers, God has added swirls of white daisies and sprinkles of purple. It is no exaggeration to say the grass is decked out more gloriously than the richest of kings.

But Jesus’ purpose went beyond the “wow” elicited by the beauty of the grass. He concluded that if God had taken such care to clothe the grass, he would also clothe us. The beauty we see this fall is Heaven’s reminder that we have a Father who cares for us whether we acknowledge Him or not.

In the same way, the dry corn and beans awaiting the harvest are our Father’s gift. By them we are fed and our lives are sustained. Others will eat from His abundant provision as well–even those who have little or nothing of their own.

Look again at the fields around you. The God who clothed the grass and who sent the rain and sun to ripen the grain will also feed and clothe His beloved children.

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