The Most Important Thing You Have to Do Today

Audio Sermon on Luke 10:38-42

I wish I knew why so many of the things that demand my attention RIGHT NOW!! are unimportant. One thing I do know is that I have to make time for those that are really important. Most important of all is time with God’s Word. But you knew that, right?  I invite you to spend some time listening and reflecting with me on the implications of this simple truth.

Here is the prose poem referenced in the sermon:

The time to hear is now

  • before your ears grow dull so you cannot hear
  • before you eyes are dimmed so you cannot see
  • while your mind is sharp and your memory is good.

Now is the time to hide the Word of God in your heart, that it may be a comfort to you when you are old and death is coming up the walk.

Now is the time to serve

  • while you still have your strength
  • before things that you used to do without thinking become difficult
  • before it hurts to get up and every step is painful.

Now is the time to hear and to serve.

  • Both are important, but hearing is more important than serving
  • for faith comes by hearing
  • and hearing gives direction to our service.

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