Are You Too Busy?

Would you believe there is something more important than serving God? Listen and see if you don’t agree.

Mary and Martha

  1. The importance of hospitality
    1. From ancient times
    2. A Christian virtue
    3. Requirement for pastors
  2. Martha’s hospitality was blessed.
    1. Doing the right thing 
    2. He who receives me receives him who sent me.
    3. Martha is sure she is right.
  3. Mary’s attention to Christ’s Word was even more blessed.
    1. Jesus makes this plain
    2. She gives priority to receiving the gift he has come to bring.
    3. Martha has been temporarily pulled away from the Word, Mary holds it fast.
  4. Worshipful service pleases God
    1. God needs people like Martha who show their love for Him by their practical service.
    2. Tasks that proceed from faith are truly worship and honor God.
    3. They will be rewarded when Christ judges the living and the dead.
  5. Giving attention to His Word pleases him even more.
    1. The Word creates faith
    2. The Word shows us the way to eternal life.
    3. The Word sanctifies us
    4. The Word is the seed that produces a fruitful Christian life.
    5. The highest form of worship is to receive the word in faith and hold it fast.
    6. Unless this is done all else is a distraction and our lives will be unfruitful.
  6. Sanctify your day with the Word of God and prayer, that your work and worship may be fruitful and truly please God.

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