Made by Him and for Him

Sermon for Christ the King Sunday


Psalm 2

Mankind’s rebellion against God and his Christ. God laughs at their rebellion. Christ crucified.

Who is Christ?

The man on the cross. Image of the invisible a God. Home of the divine fullness. Word and Wisdom of God. Creator of all things. Heir of all things.

Christ was God, reconciling creation  to himself by the cross.

All the fulness of a God dwelt in Christ. Mankind’s destiny could not be achieved unless justice was served. So God used man’s perverted justice to execute his own justice. The one who had made these rebellious people died at their hands, but he also died in their place.

Because of his great love and to fulfill his purpose for mankind, that they might be Christ’s, he laid the sins of the world on his back, so that he could pardon all who would accept his offer of peace.

Now he sues for peace, sending his representatives throughout the world, summoning all men to cease their rebellion and receive the amnesty which he offers.

Who are We?

Former enemies who had been conscripted and forced to fight in a losing cause. We have been liberated by the Gospel’s advance. Joined with Christ, through baptism and the sacrament. Destined for paradise and resurrection to glory.

It’s only right that we honor him.

By living for him. By spreading the word. By praising him for what he has done.

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