Romans 5, Part 1: Finding Peace in a Time of Plague

Sermon on Romans 5:1-8

This sermon was preached March 15, 2020 but is being released now to put it in sequence with Pastor Hinkle’s summer series on the book of Romans. The outline is provided below.

What purpose can a plague serve?

For some it brings an end to their evil.

For others it serves as a warning.

For others it provides an opportunity for exercising compassion and faith.

For others it is the door to paradise.

We have access to God’s grace through Christ Jesus.

At one time we were enemies of God.

But Christ has atoned for our sins, winning our forgiveness.

In and through Christ we have been reconciled with God.

Through Christ we have access to God’s grace and favor.

We stand in God’s Grace by faith.

In Union with Christ we stand in God’s presence.

God have access to God’s help and blessing.

Our troubles are transformed from things that destroy to things that strengthen us and form eternal virtues within us.

God answers our prayers and helps us

He has bestowed his Spirit upon us.

He will deliver us from death

We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

Believing this, we rejoice that we will see God in all his glory.

We rejoice that we shall be with Christ and see his glory.

We rejoice that we will share that glory.

Nothing can keep us from receiving this out come of our faith, not even death.

We rejoice even in the face of trouble, because God is faithful and will work all things for the good of those who love him.


You and I live in world sickened by sin. Yet we also live in and by the grace of God. The world will pass away, but God and his grace endure forever and so shall we.

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