Romans 5, Part 3: Two Men, Two Legacies

Sermon on Romans 5: 12-21

This is the third of three sermons on Romans 5. Listen as Pastor Hinkle explains Paul’s comparison of Adam and Christ.


Two men and temptation

Adam and Jesus

Adam doubts and fails

Jesus, believes and is victorius

How they compare

Both knew God

Both are tempted by the devil.

Adam who had food, safety, and ruled the earth was tempted with wisdom that would make him like God

Jesus who had divine wisdom was tempted with food, safety, and rule over all the earth.

Both take actions that change the world

Adam introduced sin to a good world

Jesus brought righteousness to an evil world.

Both leave a heritage

Adam by his life through physical descent. Adam’s heritage is death

Jesus through his death by grace. Jesus’ heritage is eternal life

How do their actions effect us

From Adam we have inherited sin, evil desires, and death

From Jesus we receive righteousness, sanctification, and eternal life.

Two responses


Fail to recognize the extent to which their desires have been corrupted

Follow the devil’s suggestions for acquiring them.

God hinders them from having what they want

Fall deeper into sin and reap death and eternal punishment.


Confess their situation

Desire what God offers through Jesus Christ.

Trust him to provide it and receive eternal life.

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