Rebellion in the Vineyard

Jesus told a very odd parable about people who tended a vineyard for a portion of the fruit, but wanted to keep it all for themselves. Everyone in the parable behaves oddly, but it is easy to understand once you realizeĀ  Jesus is using the parable to highlight the lengths to which the leaders of Israel are willing to go to keep their power. He also warns of the futility and consequences of their actions.

But why was such a parable written down for later generations? How can understanding it benefit us?

First, it underscores the concreteness of our faith, which is grounded in history, not fairy tales.

Second, we are warned not to ignore our duty to God or think that we can despise him.

Third, the plan and patience of God are evident and that plan involves us.

Authority, Obedience, and Grace

After Jesus had cleansed the temple, the chief priests and other religious leaders demanded to know who gave him the authority to do so. In response, Jesus asked them about the source of John’s baptism and told them a story about the difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it. He then compared  their obedience with that of  tax collectors and prostitutes. Who had really obeyed God? Who would take the truth about God to the World?

Does God Seem Unfair?

Jesus told a story in which he said that God was like a man who paid everyone the same no matter how long or hard they had worked. Some of the workers thought it wasn’t fair, but the man had other concerns he considered more important. So how is God like such a man and what does that mean for us? Listen and find out.

Forgiveness for All

Audio Sermon on Luke 23:33-35
Who was Jesus asking God to forgive as they nailed him to his cross? It wasn’t just the soldier pounding in the nails! There were others on His mind that day, too. Since his resurrection he continues to intercede for those who need God’s forgiveness. In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle encourages listeners to consider their own need for forgiveness and explains why God forgives and how He communicates that forgiveness to those who need it.

The Humility and Compassion of Christ

Audio Sermon on Luke:14:1-14

This portion of the Gospel of Luke is often said to be about humility, and it is; however, it would be more complete to say it is about both humility and compassion. You see, when humble people encounter someone in need they are moved to act. Jesus was such a person and in this sermon, I’ll share with you how the humble compassion of Christ moved him to act on your behalf and why you can thank, but never repay him for what he has done for you.

The Cost of Discipleship

Audio Sermon Luke 14:25-35
If eternal life is a gift from God, why does Jesus tell us to count the cost? What does it cost to follow Jesus? I invite you to listen in as I answer these questions for my congregation and encourage them to remain faithful, come what may.