Waiting for Christ’s Return

Being ready for Christ’s return isn’t a matter of knowing when it will occur, it is rather a question of being faithful to the tasks we have been given. You don’t need chats and diagrams to understand what Jesus said in Mark 13, just simple faith in your savior.

Thanks to Christ and Glory to God

Are you looking for something more than a simple reminder to give thanks or a list of blessings? In this expository sermon on Luke 17:11-19, the account of Jesus healing ten lepers, Pastor Hinkle draws upon a structural analysis of the passage presented in Arthur Just’s Commentary on the Gospel of St. Luke. Professor Just suggests looking at the passage from the outside in. The result is a fresh look at the incident and a sermon that goes much deeper than “Hey, don’t forget to give thanks.”

Who Cares for the Widow?

In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle encourages his hearers to trust that God will provide for their needs and to participate in God’s work by providing for the needs of others.

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Even Tough People Don’t Last. What Does?

You may have heard “Tough times don’t last, tough people do!”  Pastor Hinkle disagrees. We are all temporary. Only in Christ can we find permanence.

Likewise, the Old Covenant, its temple, its worship, and its priesthood were temporary. A new and better covenant was needed that depended upon forgiveness instead of obedience to rules and commandments. Christ ushered in that new covenant when he offered himself upon the cross.

In this sermon, Pastor HInkle follows the author of Hebrews as he explains why the old things had to give way so that we could enjoy an eternal inheritance.

Suffering First, Then His Crown

In this sermon drawn from Hebrews 2:1-13 and Psalm 8, Pastor Hinkle begins and ends with the glory of Christ and his rule over all things, but shows how and why he had to suffer first.