Fall Fun Rally

Members of Venture Crew 007 attended the Fall Fun Rally on Sept. 24-26 at Beaumont Scout Ranch, southwest of St. Louis, Missouri.  Crew members camped with 1347 Venturers, Explorers, and SeaScouts from 19 states and 46 Scouting Councils. 

Activities included:  Capture the flag, Fear Factor, a climbing tower, Prussic climb, shotgun shooting, horseback riding, model rocket launch, archery, Mud Cave tours, crime scene investigating, fencing, tug of war and many other activities. 

There were several groups there with displays including: Historical Reenactors, a police helicopter, military vehicles, and a tactical response team.

Youth were also able to participate in competitions like pumpkin tossing, a texting challenge, volleyball, and Pinewood Derby.

            The favorite activity according to Crew 007… MUD CAVING!

Venture Crew 007 is a co-ed scouting program for youth age 14-20 and is sponsored by our congregation. Additional pictures have been posted to our Facebook fan page.

An Experiment in Youth Ministry

Our congregation has recently undertaken an experiment in youth ministry. We have adopted BSA Venture Crew 007 and “married” it to our youth group. The two groups share leadership, some members, and many activities.

Both groups were rather small and combining them for many activities enables us to get around the “Sarah can’t make it” problems that prove so challenging for groups of 5 or 6 kids. The youth group will still do some things, such as district retreats, without the crew and the crew will still engage in some activities that are only open to scouts.

Our goal is a remarkable youth ministry that is both uncompromisingly Lutheran and a lot of fun.

We recently posted pictures of our second joint activity on our Facebook page. Click to see the pictures of our trip to Lost Island Water Park.