Q. Why should I come to worship?

A. God invites us to gather for worship so that we may hear His Word, share in the gifts He gives, and offer our prayers and praise.

Q. What is your worship service like?

A. We use a liturgical, but relaxed, style of worship.  You can expect a sermon that is drawn from the Bible and that proclaims Christ. Because we have excellent organists in our congregation, we use organ or piano to accompany the hymns and liturgy.

Q. What about Sunday school?

We offer Sunday school for children from preschool through junior high and Bible classes for youth and adults. The children study the stories of the Bible on a three year cycle. The Bible studies tackle various books of the Bible or topics that are of interest to the members.

Q.  Where should I park?

A. We try to save one or two spots in the parking lot for visitors. Should the lot be full, you can park along the south side of Washington Avenue or along the west side of Second Street.

Q. Is the building handicapped accessible?

A. There are no stairs or curbs to climb, but the bathrooms haven’t been upgraded.

Q. Do you have a nursery?

A. We strongly encourage you to bring your kids to the service and sit where they will be able to see easily. One purpose of liturgical worship is to teach by repetition. Also, during the service we will have a Bible story for the kids. If your child needs attention or is likely to cry for an extended period, you can relocate to the Sunday school room and still hear the service.

Q. What do people wear?

A. Everything from blue jeans to sport coat and tie. Most people wear slacks and a sport shirt.

Q. How long is the service?

A. The length of the service varies a bit from week to week depending on the liturgy we are using and whether or not communion is offered. Generally, the services run about an hour, but we hope you’ll stay and get acquainted after the service.

Q. When do you offer the Lord’s Supper?

A. We offer the Lord’s Supper on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month and on major festivals like Christmas and Easter.

Q. Can anyone go to communion?
A. No. Guests from other congregations of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and from the TAALC may commune, but are asked to introduce themselves to the pastor prior to the service.

Q. Why can’t I commune? I believe in Jesus!
A. So do our children, but we do not commune them until they have been fully instructed in the Christian faith, as we understand it, and have confessed it publicly for themselves. Also, our teaching about the sacrament is different from that of most protestants and those differences are important. Please see our statement of beliefs. Our hope would be that, after a period of instruction, you will make the same public confession that each of us has made, join our congregation, and receive the sacrament often.

Q. How long does instruction take?

A. That depends on the individual, but usually between 10 and 12 hours spread over several weeks. We want to give you time to thoroughly test our beliefs against the Bible.

Q. Do you do weddings for non-members?

A. Please use the contact page to make an appointment with our pastor to discuss our wedding policies.

Q. Can we rent or borrow your fellowship hall for a community or family function?
A. That is often possible. Please use the CONTACT page to send us your name, phone number, and type of function. Someone will contact you to discuss the details. Please note that we can’t accommodate groups larger than 50.

If you have a question that wasn’t covered please use the form on the CONTACT page to submit your question. You’ll generally get a response within 24 hours.