Jesus Reigns for Us

Ephesians 1:15-22, Ascension

St. Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians begins with praise for God and the marvelous purpose and grace which had been working in the lives of his readers. In this lesson he goes on to share with them the content of his prayers for them. He prays for three things: for their eyes to be opened to what God is doing, for the wisdom to understand it’s significance, and that through this that God would reveal to the them his great power and love for them.

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The Wisdom of Service

There are different kinds of spiritual wisdom and they lead to different ways of living. This short sermon from Mark 9:30-37 and James 3 will help you sort out the difference between demonic wisdom and the wisdom that comes from the one true God.

You Can Be Reconciled with God

Reconciliation is a process that takes two and takes effort. How does the process work when the one we want to reconcile with is God? With whom is God willing to be reconciled? What has he done to make it possible? What is expected of you?

Forgiveness for All

Audio Sermon on Luke 23:33-35
Who was Jesus asking God to forgive as they nailed him to his cross? It wasn’t just the soldier pounding in the nails! There were others on His mind that day, too. Since his resurrection he continues to intercede for those who need God’s forgiveness. In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle encourages listeners to consider their own need for forgiveness and explains why God forgives and how He communicates that forgiveness to those who need it.