Called to Serve

Mark 10:32-45

There is a striking contrast in today’s Gospel lesson between Jesus and two of his closet disciples. Jesus is preparing them for his death. They were approaching Jerusalem where Jesus would die on behalf of all mankind in obedience to the will of God. It is the purpose he had been sent for and the purpose he would fulfill. He, the true servant of God and mankind, was seeking God’s glory and our good. 

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His Greatest Desire

Sermon on Mark 1:9-15

What power would the devil and the world have over us if they couldn’t use the things we want for leverage? Even our desire to serve God and work for his good pleasure can get so twisted that we fall deeper and deeper into sin. Which raises an interesting question, what did Jesus desire? Mark says he was in the wilderness being tempted by the devil. What levers was Satan pulling? What buttons was he pushing? How did Jesus triumph?

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Stop Pretending

Ephesians 4:17-5:2

Paul wrote to the Ephesians that they should “take off the old man” and “put on the new man.” Having been born and raised in a pagan culture they were still capable of behaving like pagans, but they had become Christians and needed to speak and act like people of God.

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