As Sure As Yesterday’s Sunrise

Christians sometimes forget God has promised us a wonderful new heaven and a new earth. But God hasn’t forgotten and His promises are as sure as yesterday’s sunrise.This is the third sermon in the series “Messages of Hope from the Revelation to St. John.”


Victory for the Suffering

In Revelation, John writes about a celebration that dwarfs our nation’s greatest—an immense crowd shouting with joy over the saving work of God.  Who are these people? Where did they come from? Why are they waving palm branches and wearing white? What are we to make of this vision and how should we understand it? I’ll answer these questions and more in the second of three “Messages of Hope from the Revelation to St. John.”

He Died but Lives Forevermore

This sermon is the first of three “Messages of Hope from the Book of Revelation.” This is a message of hope for those who fear dangerous and chaotic times.

John, Prophet and Fulfillment of Prophecy

An audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on Matthew 3:1-12 given December 4, 2016.

Matthew points out that the prophet John the Baptist was himself the fulfillment of a prophecy of Isaiah recorded in the 40th chapter of the Book of Isaiah. Malachi also spoke of his coming. As a prophet, John called God’s people to prepare for the coming of their God by repentance and baptism. We should prepare in similar fashion to meet our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Dead WILL Rise

Luke 20:27-39 Jesus Answers the Sadducees

Americans are confused and skeptical about eternal life and the promised resurrection of the dead, but Jesus taught plainly about both. This lesson follows All Saints Day to give pastors the opportunity to do the same.