Dying and Rising with Christ

In this sermon on Mark 9:38-50, Pastor Hinkle provides an overview of the lesson, but focuses on the most difficult part where Jesus says it would be better to cut off our hands and feet than to continue in sin and better to have a millstone fastened around our neck and be cast into the sea than to lead a child into sin. Pastor Hinkle explains that we need to take sin very seriously and avoid it, but that it is God who does the surgery when he buries us with Christ and raises us to new life through baptism.

He Died but Lives Forevermore

This sermon is the first of three “Messages of Hope from the Book of Revelation.” This is a message of hope for those who fear dangerous and chaotic times.

Lazarus, Come Out!

Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, died while Jesus was a few days away. When Jesus arrived he found Lazarus’s sisters weeping and Lazarus rotting in his tomb. Jesus wept with them before raising Lazarus to life and in his tears you’ll find the reason for the cross.

There’s A Change Coming

For Lazarus the great reversal was a great blessing; for the rich man who had ignored him it was the greatest of catastrophes.  Are you looking forward to the day when everything changes or are you blocking out the warnings? Will this sermon make you uncomfortable or give you hope and encouragement?

You can read the account of the Rich Man and Lazarus here.

Signs of the Kingdom

Audio Sermon  Mark 7:31-37

In this sermon, I speak about a time Jesus healed a man who was deaf and could not speak well. For people who knew the Old Testament book of Isaiah, this would have been a confirmation of Jesus’ preaching that the kingdom of God was at hand. But there is more to the story than that. It is part of a series of accounts in Mark’s Gospel that shows the breadth of Christ’s compassion.

This sermon was preached at Zion Lutheran Church in Wilton, Iowa. My thanks to their AV team recording the sermon.