Coping with Suffering

Coping with Suffering

Suffering is universal. Although we’d like to think that knowing God would shield us from suffering, we follow a crucified savior. Sometimes that adds to our suffering. How do we cope? Here are some thoughts on the topic from St. Peter, apostle and martyr.

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Sermon for Easter 2016

Audio Sermon on Luke 24:1-12

How can we re-capture the jaw-dropping character of Jesus resurrection?

His resurrection was unprecedented and nothing like it has happened since. No one saw it coming, least of all Satan.

Surprisingly,┬áJesus had announced it in advance, but his words never registered. That is plain from the morning’s events.

Things came together as they saw him, remembered his words, and discovered the Old Testament prophecies of Christ’s resurrection.

Another jaw-dropping day awaits: the day our dead rise from their graves. What a joyous day that will be for those who have heard Christ’s Word and believe it!