To Whom Was the Spirit Given?

The sound of a mighty wind, fire dancing over their heads, men and women praising God in languages they had never learned: these were the signs that God’s Spirit had been poured out upon Christ’s disciples. Let me take you through the lessons for the day of Pentecost and I will show you that the Spirit was given to the whole Church and explain what that means for you.

Ascension and Fulfillment

Jesus told his disciples that all things written of him must be fulfilled. That includes his ascension into heaven where he reigns at the right hand of God.


It’s All About the Cross

Cleopas and his companion were looking for redemption without the cross. They never found it. Instead the risen Christ taught them to see his cross and resurrection in the lives and writings of the prophets.

The Baptism of Jesus

Audio recording of the sermon delivered January 8, 2017.

John and Jesus wanted different things the day Jesus was baptized. What did God want and what should you expect from your baptism?

Those Wise Men? They Were Part of God’s Plan

Audio recording of the sermon delivered January 1, 2017

Matthew says several times in his account of the visit of the Magi that what was done fulfilled the Scriptures. In other words, God knew long in advance what would happen and had his plans already in place. Herod never had a chance.

Come with me as I take you through the passages Matthew mentioned and some more that he didn’t.

John’s Question

An audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on Matthew 11:2-15 given December 11, 2016.

Someone had a problem with Jesus. It may have been John the Baptist or one of his disciples. Whoever it was, Jesus’ ministry was different from what he had expected. John was in jail. Herod and Philip still ruled, and God’s people had not yet been baptized with the Holy Spirit. So John sent his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the one who was to come?” His answer was written down because we sometimes have questions, too.