Who Cares for the Widow?

In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle encourages his hearers to trust that God will provide for their needs and to participate in God’s work by providing for the needs of others.

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Does God Seem Unfair?

Jesus told a story in which he said that God was like a man who paid everyone the same no matter how long or hard they had worked. Some of the workers thought it wasn’t fair, but the man had other concerns he considered more important. So how is God like such a man and what does that mean for us? Listen and find out.

Why It Is Wise to Be Generous

Audio Sermon on The Parable of the Dishonest Steward

This parable is a tough one because the rich guy, who in many parables represents God, praises a dishonest farm manager. (Read the story here.)  What are we to do with this? I will start with what we know about God and the proper use of wealth and then show how the parable illustrates the wisdom of generosity. Oh, and that bit about praising a dishonest man? Wait until you hear what I do with that!