You Can Be Reconciled with God

Reconciliation is a process that takes two and takes effort. How does the process work when the one we want to reconcile with is God? With whom is God willing to be reconciled? What has he done to make it possible? What is expected of you?

Lazarus, Come Out!

Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, died while Jesus was a few days away. When Jesus arrived he found Lazarus’s sisters weeping and Lazarus rotting in his tomb.┬áJesus wept with them before raising Lazarus to life and in his tears you’ll find the reason for the cross.

That You May Live


An audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on John 3:1-17

This sermon was delivered March 14, 2017 to the pastors of the Mt. Pleasant Circuit of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. A somewhat longer version of this sermon was delivered to the people of St. Paul Lutheran on March 12, but was not recorded.


The Art of Living by Faith: Trusting God

Audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on The Temptation of Jesus delivered March 5, 2017

Jesus responds to the Devil’s temptations with perfect faith in God and His Word. Our faith is far from perfect, but God helps us in our weakness.