Why You Should Be in Church at Christmas

Audio recording of the sermon delivered Christmas Morning 2016

There are two mysteries of the faith hiding in plain sight within the name Christmas. Those who have been inducted into those mysteries and understand them will rarely be anywhere else on Christmas morning.

Signs of the Kingdom

Audio Sermon  Mark 7:31-37

In this sermon, I speak about a time Jesus healed a man who was deaf and could not speak well. For people who knew the Old Testament book of Isaiah, this would have been a confirmation of Jesus’ preaching that the kingdom of God was at hand. But there is more to the story than that. It is part of a series of accounts in Mark’s Gospel that shows the breadth of Christ’s compassion.

This sermon was preached at Zion Lutheran Church in Wilton, Iowa. My thanks to their AV team recording the sermon.

Simon and the Sinful Woman

Audio Sermon Luke 7:36-50

Who is Jesus and who is worthy to receive him? Pastor Hinkle has answered these questions as he worked through Luke 7.  In this short sermon, he reviews the answers and sets before us the powerful grace of the one who came to save sinners.

Birthdays, Commencements, and the Spirit of God

Audio Sermon for Pentecost

In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle celebrates Christ’s gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church and encourages his hearers to embrace the way God works in our lives.

Of Water and Wine

How can water become wine? By the power of God!

The Gospel lesson for the Second Sunday in Epiphany recounts how Jesus saved a wedding celebration by turning water into wine. This was one of the signs that convinced His disciples that He was the Christ, the Son of God. What signs has Christ given us and what can we learn about them from the wedding at Cana? Pastor Hinkle answers these questions in this sermon from January 17, 2016.