More Than a Prophet

Audio Sermon Luke 7:11-17

Last week we heard that Jesus had healed a man from a distance with only his word.

In today’s lesson, Jesus restores the life of a widow’s son.

Both accounts are part of a series of episodes from the life of Jesus that Luke uses to invite us to ask “Who is Jesus?” and.”Where did he get his authority?”.

But Luke keeps exploding  the answers of Jesus’ contemporaries in order to force us to confront the unexpected reality of Jesus’ person and power.

Listen as Pastor Hinkle connects the dots to reveal Luke’s picture of Jesus.


The Big “Why?”

Audio Sermon Luke 7:1-10

Why would Jesus help a Roman Centurion?

Was it because he was worthy? (The Centurion didn’t think he was.)

Did the man’s faith make a difference? If so, how?

Why DID Jesus heal the man’s servant?

Here is Pastor Hinkle’s take on Luke’s account:

Of Water and Wine

How can water become wine? By the power of God!

The Gospel lesson for the Second Sunday in Epiphany recounts how Jesus saved a wedding celebration by turning water into wine. This was one of the signs that convinced His disciples that He was the Christ, the Son of God. What signs has Christ given us and what can we learn about them from the wedding at Cana? Pastor Hinkle answers these questions in this sermon from January 17, 2016.