Victory for the Suffering

In Revelation, John writes about a celebration that dwarfs our nation’s greatest—an immense crowd shouting with joy over the saving work of God.  Who are these people? Where did they come from? Why are they waving palm branches and wearing white? What are we to make of this vision and how should we understand it? I’ll answer these questions and more in the second of three “Messages of Hope from the Revelation to St. John.”

The Cost of Discipleship

Audio Sermon Luke 14:25-35
If eternal life is a gift from God, why does Jesus tell us to count the cost? What does it cost to follow Jesus? I invite you to listen in as I answer these questions for my congregation and encourage them to remain faithful, come what may.

How and Why the Men Who Opposed Jesus Failed

This sermon was preached before we had heard that churches in Egypt had been bombed during their services. However, it is a fitting response.

I am going to tell you part of the story of the men who opposed Jesus.  You will hear why Judea’s leaders wanted to silence Jesus, why the events commemorated on Palm Sunday frustrated them, and why their eventual success was actually a failure.