God Alone

The devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and told him he would give all their authority and glory to him if he would worship him. Jesus answered,

“It is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.’” Luke 4:8 [ESV]

Where was it written? What does it mean? How did Jesus teach this lesson others? How do we apply to our own lives?

Worship Him Alone

Sermon on the Temptation of Christ.

Rebellion in the Vineyard

Jesus told a very odd parable about people who tended a vineyard for a portion of the fruit, but wanted to keep it all for themselves. Everyone in the parable behaves oddly, but it is easy to understand once you realize  Jesus is using the parable to highlight the lengths to which the leaders of Israel are willing to go to keep their power. He also warns of the futility and consequences of their actions.

But why was such a parable written down for later generations? How can understanding it benefit us?

First, it underscores the concreteness of our faith, which is grounded in history, not fairy tales.

Second, we are warned not to ignore our duty to God or think that we can despise him.

Third, the plan and patience of God are evident and that plan involves us.