The Cost of Discipleship

Audio Sermon Luke 14:25-35
If eternal life is a gift from God, why does Jesus tell us to count the cost? What does it cost to follow Jesus? I invite you to listen in as I answer these questions for my congregation and encourage them to remain faithful, come what may.

To Whom Was the Spirit Given?

The sound of a mighty wind, fire dancing over their heads, men and women praising God in languages they had never learned: these were the signs that God’s Spirit had been poured out upon Christ’s disciples. Let me take you through the lessons for the day of Pentecost and I will show you that the Spirit was given to the whole Church and explain what that means for you.

You in Him, He in You

Many people think living a Christian life means following a bunch of (archaic) rules. Others think it means to be nice to others. If you want to know how Jesus intended Christians to live, take 16 minutes to listen to this sermon.

It’s All About the Cross

Cleopas and his companion were looking for redemption without the cross. They never found it. Instead the risen Christ taught them to see his cross and resurrection in the lives and writings of the prophets.

How and Why the Men Who Opposed Jesus Failed

This sermon was preached before we had heard that churches in Egypt had been bombed during their services. However, it is a fitting response.

I am going to tell you part of the story of the men who opposed Jesus.  You will hear why Judea’s leaders wanted to silence Jesus, why the events commemorated on Palm Sunday frustrated them, and why their eventual success was actually a failure.


The Baptism of Jesus

Audio recording of the sermon delivered January 8, 2017.

John and Jesus wanted different things the day Jesus was baptized. What did God want and what should you expect from your baptism?