Where Is Your Confidence?

As his meeting with Nicodemus drew to a close, Jesus set before him why God had sent him, what he would accomplish, and why Nicodemus’s friends would not receive him.


  1. Why everyone needs a savior, even good people.
  2. How religious people like Nicodemus and his friends get trapped by spiritual darkness and illusions.
  3. The source of all good.
  4. Why prayer should be a constant part of our Christian lives.

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A Good Summary of Jesus’ Teaching

There are many different ways that people summarize what Jesus taught. Unfortunately, the more popular summaries of his teaching leave a lot to be desired. The Mark’s Gospel summarizes it this way, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Repent and believe the good news.”

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You Can Be Reconciled with God

Reconciliation is a process that takes two and takes effort. How does the process work when the one we want to reconcile with is God? With whom is God willing to be reconciled? What has he done to make it possible? What is expected of you?

Authority, Obedience, and Grace

After Jesus had cleansed the temple, the chief priests and other religious leaders demanded to know who gave him the authority to do so. In response, Jesus asked them about the source of John’s baptism and told them a story about the difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it. He then compared  their obedience with that of  tax collectors and prostitutes. Who had really obeyed God? Who would take the truth about God to the World?