Submit to One Another

English translations of Ephesians 5 often encourage us to submit to one another, but how? and what does that mean? What is the Spirit of God trying to accomplish in our homes? How should modern families hear and apply these words written so long ago to people of another culture? Listen in and find out!

Where Is Your Confidence?

As his meeting with Nicodemus drew to a close, Jesus set before him why God had sent him, what he would accomplish, and why Nicodemus’s friends would not receive him.


  1. Why everyone needs a savior, even good people.
  2. How religious people like Nicodemus and his friends get trapped by spiritual darkness and illusions.
  3. The source of all good.
  4. Why prayer should be a constant part of our Christian lives.

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The Art of Living by Faith: Trusting God

Audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on The Temptation of Jesus delivered March 5, 2017

Jesus responds to the Devil’s temptations with perfect faith in God and His Word. Our faith is far from perfect, but God helps us in our weakness.


The Only Path to Perfection

Audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on Matthew 5:38-48 delivered Feb 19, 2017

Jesus said, “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”  How?

God’s Work in Us

Audio recording of Pastor Hinkle’s sermon on Matthew 5:21-37 delivered February 12, 2017

You say, you never killed anybody? Jesus says God requires more than that! How can people, even killers, become righteous? Pastor Hinkle shows the way.