You in Him, He in You

Many people think living a Christian life means following a bunch of (archaic) rules. Others think it means to be nice to others. If you want to know how Jesus intended Christians to live, take 16 minutes to listen to this sermon.

Faith and the Sacrament

You may call it the Lord’s Supper, the Sacrament of the Altar, Holy Communion, or the Eucharist.  In this sermon, Pastor Hinkle sets forth in plain language what the Bible teaches about the sacrament, its purpose, and its use.

Why You Should Be in Church at Christmas

Audio recording of the sermon delivered Christmas Morning 2016

There are two mysteries of the faith hiding in plain sight within the name Christmas. Those who have been inducted into those mysteries and understand them will rarely be anywhere else on Christmas morning.

On This Night, In This Meal

Audio Sermon for Holy Thursday
Luke 22:7-34

On the night he was betrayed,  Jesus took bread and wine from the Passover meal, and inaugurated a new covenant of grace and forgiveness. The God who had freed Israel from slavery would soon deliver all believers from condemnation and death. In this brief sermon, Pastor Hinkle  reminds us of what was given and why we come to receive it.