There’s A Change Coming

For Lazarus the great reversal was a great blessing; for the rich man who had ignored him it was the greatest of catastrophes.  Are you looking forward to the day when everything changes or are you blocking out the warnings? Will this sermon make you uncomfortable or give you hope and encouragement?

You can read the account of the Rich Man and Lazarus here.

The Cost of Discipleship

Audio Sermon Luke 14:25-35

If eternal life is a gift from God, why does Jesus tell us to count the cost? What does it cost to follow Jesus? I invite you to listen in as I answer these questions for my congregation and encourage them to remain faithful, come what may.

The Incomparable Worth of Knowing Christ

Audio Sermon
Philipians 3:4b-11

Knowing Jesus was enough for Saint Paul. He traveled the world, endured hardship and suffering, and eventually gave his life in service to Christ Jesus. Why?

Because of the incomparable worth of knowing Christ.

In this section of Philipians, Saint Paul lists some of the things he gave up in order to know Christ and the power of his resurrection. In Christ, Paul found a sure and certain promise that he and other believers would be raised from the dead to enjoy eternal life. This  promise freed him to serve Christ even when the work was difficult or dangerous. It was the source of his courage when facing death.

In this sermon from March 13, 2016, Pastor Hinkle reminds us that we have the same promises and that they can produce the same results in our lives.

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