About Our Pastor

Pastor Chris N. Hinkle has been caring for St. Paul Lutheran Church since October of 1999.  He splits his time between our congregation and the State Bank of Wapello, where he works as the network administrator.  He has served as Circuit Visitor for the congregations in southeast Iowa since 2012. He has an earned doctorate from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

Previously, Pastor Hinkle has served a small, predominantly-black congregation in Broward County, Florida and a very large congregation in a small town in southwest Minnesota.  Three other congregations have enjoyed having him as their vacancy pastor. He has served as an LWML zone counselor and on the stewardship committees of the Iowa District East and the Minnesota South District. He was ordained September 9, 1981.

From 1983-1992 he served at Concordia Publishing House, where he founded and managed its Computer Products department. He was instrumental in the development, marketing, and support of the first generation of administrative software for congregations and schools.

Papers by Pastor Hinkle