The Lutheran Difference

By the time the service starts you already know how many friends you have in a congregation and whether you felt welcome. For most people those are important factors when deciding whether they will worship again at a particular church. I truly hope you feel welcome among us, that you know how much we appreciate having you, and that you return again and again.

If you’re “church shopping,” I’d like to suggest that there are some other things to think about as well. Some of the less visible differences are also very important. Consider these:

○ What is the congregation’s attitude toward the Bible?
○ How does that impact their beliefs?
○ How do they view the world?
○ What is the main focus of their teaching over time?
○ Why do they worship the way they do?

The following links are designed to tell you more about our beliefs, our worldview, and our worship. You’ll learn the things that make our congregation unique and how those differences will benefit you spiritually.

In fact, we hope that the series itself will benefit you spiritually. Since it covers some of the basic elements of the Christian faith, it can be an effective reminder of what Christ has done for us and what the life of faith is all about.

The Lutheran Difference

  1. How Does Christianity Differ From Other Religions?
  2. Liturgy–The Visible Difference
  3. The Bible: God’s Word or Man’s?
  4. Baptism: A Work of God
  5. The Lord’s Supper: What Did Jesus Say?